Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Purple Belt Graduation


So as Ash was laying down we chatted a bit about expectations- "probably ten dollars or something," I choked a bit and couldn't help but relay that I got a quarter and was STOKED... but it was cool to see his very excited and pleased expression, as he saw that it was indeed ten dollars. He then said, "next time I'm gonna' ask for a thousand." HE's mine alright. What a cutie.


Ash recently watched ToothFairy with Dwayne Johnson and it really altered his concept of what or who the "tooth fairy" is- he asked me if I think it's a girl or a boy and I said a girl of course, he replied that he didn't think so- he thinks it's a guy...

Lots to catch up on: karate belt

This is a while ago; since he is now a purple belt, will have to hunt out the yellow stripe, orange stripe, purple stripe, and yellow belt pics- ya, he's pretty devoted- about a year and a half now, and he's been asked to join the Black Belt Club and possibly Leadership- which means he'll help teach!